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Luggage lockers at Komtar JBCC's 4th floor


Luggage lockers on the 4th floor of Komtar JBCC, just NEXT TO THE CAR PARK OFFICE on the 4th floor. OPEN 24/7!


OPTION 1 - If you are coming from within the Komtar JBCC mall during mall opening hours:

  • Follow the signs to the lifts for the car park,

  • then take the lift to the 4th floor,

  • the lockers are just outside the lift lobby.

  • Alternatively, you can also go via the escalators to the top floor of the mall, then take the escalator up opposite CARING Pharmacy,

  • Take one more escalator up and you will see the luggage lockers. 

Contact us on +6 012 - 724 2027
or scan / click below QR code to WhatsApp us.

OPTION 2 - outside of mall opening hours you can follow this path which is available 24/7:  [SEE VIDEO BELOW]

  • Outside Komtar JBCC mall on the side facing Jalan Tun Abdul Razak / JB Sentral and CIQ,

  • walk past RHB Bank, our ground floor lockers, and M&S,

  • continue walking past the Komtar Office Tower main entrance,

  • on your left you will see a Pondok Polis,

  • on the left of the police station is a hallway, walk down this hallway,

  • turn left,

  • then turn right - you will see a sign showing to the right for 'car park lifts', follow this sign to the right,

  • a bit further down you will reach the lift on your right, take the lift to the 4th floor,

  • the luggage lockers are just outside the lift lobby of the 4th floor.

< Click logo to view video on how to get to the luggage lockers on the 4th floor of Komtar JBCC.

Note: this path is open 24/7,
so it is available even during the mall closing hours (10pm to 10am)
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